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The truth about the Illuminati


  • The medieval „Brethren of the Free Spirit“ were ,-in short-, convinced that the unification with God could already been carried out in lifetime (=enlightenment, Unio Mystica). As a consequence, there were no longer in need of a Church with moral rules and they also were able to get rid of a potential guilt complex. Amongst other things, this goes hand in hand with the doctrine of Buddhism. Due to this reasons, the Christian Church tried to prohibit this movement.

What was important for both of these movements was the freedom of each single individuum rather than world supremacy or power interest.


Of course both of the above- mentioned movements are now extinct for a long time.  Everything else that is existent today - besides that "New Illuminati" here - only survives in the mind of  the audience, nurtured on intelligent and greedy wheeler-dealers and authors, who make a big deal out of facts in combination with a lot of fantasy using that name in order to earn money with people who are full of fear. 


"Illuminati©" is a copyrighted trademark in Germany and represents the original spirit of foundation in the year 1776 in Bavaria (respectively 1270) - beyond conspiracy and secretiveness - just freedom of mind! No more and no less!

(1776 also is the date of the Declaration of Independence of the U.S.A.!)

Order Book

Since the course of the existence of that famous order from 1776 to 1785 (only 9 years!), business-minded people have used the name of the „Illuminati“ for heating up the craving for sensation among the audience. They also used their name  for heating up anxiety among the people only in order to grab the limelight for themselves but also in order to earn money. Of this disappeared order, so-called „official“ successors rise again and again over time. There are occurring a lot of things which can not be explained by oneself, like the paranoid fear of political manipulators accompanied by a profound feeling of helplessness. These occurrences can easily be ascribed to the influence of „ secret, evil and powerful bosses“ , similar to the Neanderthal, who thougt that he had recognized  a divinity when he saw a flash for which he had no explanation.


But the concept of the „Illuminati“ actually traces back to two movements: The first movement is the above-mentioned secret order (which was found in Ingolstadt by Adam Weishaupt). The second movement carries even more meaning. It is the order of the „Brethren of the Free Spirit“, which had already existed since 1270.

  • By teaching education (and the Enlightenment) and mental freedom, Adam Weishaupt tried to bring people to the point where they are no longer in need of sovereigns, he also tried to bring them to the point where there is no need for tolerance. In a nonviolent manner, politics was supposed to change itself naturally, just by allowing a group of „enlightened Illuminati“ to act freely in all of their functions all over the world. That`s all, not more and not less.

Order Watch

The New Illuminati - for thinking beings!

Strength - Certainty - Solidarity - Vision - Unity

In the truest sense of the word, „Illuminati“ just means „the ones who are enlightened“, no more and no less – all alone with secret stories and conspiracy theories.


-> Illuminati seek to experience the Non-thinking in meditative flow - only beeing oneself - and to gain wisdom. On that path symptoms will flow away - depression, fear and anxiety, pain, jealousy, rage, dependencies, desire and delusion will dissolve. Men will experience felicity! Human beings may evolve to enlightenment stage by stage or just suddenly (Daikan Eno). The ultimate goal is the freedom of all ideas and illusions (Zenji Dogen).


What all religions have in common (not only the Buddhist doctrine) is the idea that mankind is already divine by nature, even enlightened. The „problem“ is that they are  simply not able to realise this fact. Each single individuum is already „complete, whole“ and does not have to change himself/herself in order to become divine, every single person already IS already enlightened by his natural potential. But in order to realize the inherent divinity, the way of how things are perceived needs to be developed and besides also the wisdom of each single person (the latter developes when awakeness enters your life). As a result, one will be free from the bond of the ego, free from rage, desire, blindness and absurd concepts concerning the natural course of things.

This is why a modern way of liberation says:


„iZen© ist he hopeful attempt to wake a sighted person who is dreaming to be blind – I am talking of YOU!!


So the message is: All people are already members of the „Illuminati“.

We are interpreting the concept „Illuminati“ in a totally new way! As a way of total freedom of all notions and as a symbol for our own divinity – just illuminated (=enlightened)!


We are no secret order , we are no cult, no political movement, we are against nobody and totally nonviolent (exeption is selfdefense in a dangerous situation)…. Every man or woman out there can join us, no matter where he/she is. By deciding on a liberal and indistinctive attitude towards all beings (not only humans..) you become one of us, one of the „Illuminati“!

You can find wisdom and solidarity, goals for Your life, help in a community and the warmth of open minded men; also You may find answers for the unique question of mankind: "Who am I?" ...


The sign of affinity


As signing of the inner bond, many have started getting themselves tattooed with the famous ambigram „Illuminati“ or place a sticker at their car or home.


 -> Send a picture of your 'Illuminati' tattoo or car sticker to: illuminati.world@web.de

(you agree that your picture will be published anonymously on this page)


Being an enlightened person is the spiritual goal of all religions, it is only labelled in a different way (e.g. „being totally wrapped up in love with God“, „overcoming his ego“, „rising to the divine light“, „Enlightenment“, „Satori“, „Nirvana“, „Moksha“….)


Together let us go of all twisted concepts , let´s ignore the fantasies of sensational profiteers and fanatics and let´s explore our inherent divinity:


Right here, in this moment, we are already „whole“ and we are exactly at the point where we need to be. We don´t have to go anywhere else.


Transform! NOW! (Mantra of iZen©)

All are ONE

All humans are connected through the same quest of happiness, connected through the search of a higher instance (a God), which is located far away from our little ego. We are all feeling that there has to be more than our own personal existence. People label this very differently: Shiva, God, Buddha, Jehova, Enlightenment, felicity, Nirvana, Satori, Moksha …

Unfortunately, people who belong to different confessions are at war with one another, only due to different connotations. They are fighting instead of realising that they share a „basic search“, yearning, aspiration.

Let us do our bit by pointing out the equality of all beings and by doing so we provide a substantial impetus for worldwide peace.


Only our mind produces differences; actually there are no differences, but the great ALL is ONE. WE! are all one.

Those who are able to realise this truth will rise and they will become one of the „Illuminati“! Get free and help others also to be so. Illuminati don`t allow others (governments, priests, any people) to manipulate them; they master their life by themself!


Strength - Certainty - Solidarity - Vision - Unitiy

... you may find within our community!


By using the sign we can stimulate debate and give positive impetus for a peaceful world of a free spirit ….

Be also aware of our Facebook board: iZen© - (discussions, hints for meditation and your real life, mental freedom)


After a period of time you may also get really a member of our "School of Enlightenment" in Germany!

⇒ (It`s not a sect or secret society, but a boundless sangha all over the world emphasizing the egality and natural enlightenment of all men!)


Info: illuminati.world@web.de


Yours sincerely, enO   (="One" reverse)





More info: www.izen-izen.org

Those who wish to embark upon the path of mental freedom will find right here HONEST answers, which are not bound to any confession. Answers, which are non-commercial and without futher obligation - have a closer look: